VA-6 150mm Ang-Fixed Type Milling Vice


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SKU: 1002-032.

Vertex VA-6 Ang-Fixed Type Machine Vice with Swivel Base

Product Description


  • 1. Use highest quality ductile iron 80000PSI for minimum bending.
  • 2. The enclosed lead screw and sliding surface are hardened and ground.
  • 3. Highest clamping power. It’s very accurate and durable.
  • 4. This vice is so designed that the horizontal force generated by tightening the handle pushed the semi-sphere within the moveable jaw and thus thrusts the moveable jaw downwards. Therefore, the workpiece does not move up, even if it is held at the top of the jaw plates.
  • 5. Four setting positions of the jaw plates are available, widening the jaw plates opening.
  • 6. Accuracy Within 0.02mm


Order No. & Dimensions
Order No. A B C D E E1 F G H I J K
VA-6 155 46 150 110 422 452 20 288 118 158 326 302


Order No. & Dimensions  Unit: mm
Order No. L M N P   Max. Clamp Force G.W. (Kg) Measurement Code No.
VA-6 19 95 16 17         2500Kg (C) 42 49x35x20 1002-032

Ang-Fixed Vice drg



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