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£ 500KMulti-Machine Export Deal

500k-2Gate Machinery International ltd is half-way through commissioning 40 machine tools at an educational establishment in South-East Asia. This £500.000 tum-key order – comprising a mix of CNC and conventional lathes, milling machines, drills and horizontal band saws – was won against fierce competition. Managing director Alain Fidelia says: “This underlines the company’s re-emergence as a major exporter of machine tools to a global customer base,” Pointing out that multi-machine orders have characterized the company’s business in recent years, he is confident that the trend will continue.

the Eclipse range of: CNC/manual turret mills, turning machines and machining centres, as well as the Progress series of drills and saws – it is clear that our policy of providing cost effective yet high- quality machines and first class after-sales service is increasingly appealing to organizations of every size.”
With more than 80 machines worth over £ 1.5M already supplied to various countries in South-East Asia over the last 3 years, and with multiple machine orders currently on their order book, Mr Fidelia’s
belief that “Gate Machinery International are once again a major force in the international machine tool market” would appear to be well founded.

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